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Aerial Silk days with Vera Mor

Level: intermediate adults

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Enjoy three days full of training with the amazing Vera Mor! 6 hours of training every day, one hour stretching at night and one hour morning yoga or feldenkrais atm (mobility, awareness, flexibility, quality of movement) - 23 hours totaly!!

In the morning after Yoga and breakfast we start at 10 am with a warm up and technical work on silks. ( root positions, transitions, planche, rolls, dynamic bases, creative climbs and drops). This first training is untill 1pm.


There will be 7 silks on site, and  max 15 participants!

After lunch we start from 3 until 6pm with aerial movement research, aerial flow, working in our personal stile on air: creative explorations and improvisations.

In the evening we don´t stop.

day 1:  a session of massage and manipulation in couple from 19:30 to 20:30

day 2 : ball release (self massage by balls and breathing)

day 3: we finish at 6pm



3rd - 6th of June (Pfingsten)



Carinthia, next to the beautiful Wörthersee, Neckheimgasse 6, 9020 Klagenfurt. The Youth Hostel where we will be aloged is next to the training space!



Friday 3rd of June from 4pm


Monday 6pm


360 €

includes three nights in the youth hostel (shared room ) incl. breakfast, 23 hours of high quality training and insurance


without accomodation

+ Jugendherbergsverbands membership (25€ / Year) or welcome stamp 3,50 €/ Day

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